Relationship Ministry Extends Beyond Prison Walls

January 10, 2014 | Steven Steenmeyer

When Steve Steenmeyer accepted the call to lead the Hillside O’Malley Church’s correctional ministry in Anchorage, Alaska, he did so with the intent of instituting correspondence Bible studies in association with the Alaska Conference Discover Bible School (DBS), Voice of Prophecy’s Bible study guides.

Christ’s call in Matt. 28:19–20 instructs us to make disciples and to teach all things. This requires relationships. DBS became an avenue for opening up those opportunities. Several personal victories have begun to bear that out.

In the fall of 2012, Jesse enrolled in DBS at the Anchorage Jail. Transferred to Colorado he continued with the studies. Jesse was then transferred to a facility in Alaska. Frequently, new requests for DBS studies were received because of Jesse’s testimony.

He influenced his fiancée, Jeena, to attend Bible studies at Hillside O’Malley. Jesse was transferred to a treatment center in Anchorage and then to a halfway house, which happened to be walking distance to the Northside Church, and they began attending Sabbath services.

Jesse was released on Dec. 7, 2013. On that very morning Jesse and Jeena walked into a Sabbath class at the O’Malley Church. They are meeting with the pastor in preparation for their marriage. Jeena is requesting baptism.

In 2012, Tina Steenmeyer journeyed with a friend, Jayne, to Colorado to meet with Jayne's incarcerated son, Isaac, who had enrolled in DBS and accepted Jesus. Jayne had weekly visits with her son via online video. Jayne’s heart melted as her son shared what Jesus was doing in his life, and how he was witnessing to inmates.

Isaac led Jayne to Christ during an online chat. Jayne now attends Hillside O’Malley Church and continues to experience life-changing miracles. Isaac was transferred back to Alaska, where he is to be released in 2017, and he desires a future in evangelism.

In the fall of 2012, Will enrolled in DBS at the Anchorage Jail. He was transferred to halfway houses and frequently wrote letters concerning doctrinal beliefs. He was released in November 2013 and that very week attended the O’Malley Church, where he is also a regular on Wednesday evening. With extensive experience as an audio/visual technician in the rock music industry, he now desires to utilize his background with Christian evangelism tours.

Steenmeyer was recently asked by the Alaska Conference to lead out in expanding this Spirit-empowered ministry. With more than 800 enrollees, an average of 10 new students weekly and 80 to 100 lessons processed weekly, Alaska is grateful for having been led to a means that allows the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s powerful Word to do the work.