Monroe Church Succeeds Using Acts 2 Ministry Model

January 15, 2014 | Marc Lien

Monroe Church members feel like they are winners with the numbers 78, 268 and 8 because they see how God is giving them victory. The numbers are merely a reminder that Christ’s method of ministry still works.

In Acts, Luke wrote down two prominent ministry numbers: 11 and 3,000. The first number, an amazing statistic, is found in Acts 1:13–14. The 11 disciples united in purpose and were so filled with Jesus that it caused a great conviction to come among some of the church members (Acts 2:41). In fact, the total number of church members who received a new experience — Christ inside of me — was 3,000 in a single day.

How did that happen? It occurred because 11 regular people gained a better understanding of the cross, which molded them into living advertisements.

Like the early Christian church, practicing the ministry model found in Acts 2 (evangelism, prayer, Bible study, faith, unity and fellowship) is giving shape and direction to Monroe Church. Let's unpack the numbers. The number 78 represents the average score Monroe members get on the natural church development test for holistic small groups. The number 268 is the average number of people attending Monroe's ministry groups during the week — which is double the Sabbath church service attendance. The number 8 is the percentage of baptisms the church has averaged over the last four years, and by God’s grace they have retained more than 85 percent.

Church leaders believe Monroe members are getting results by putting Jesus at the center of their lives. Jesus said in John 12:32, "If I am lifted up, I will draw people to Myself." Monroe Church has ministry groups every day of the week ranging from prison ministries, finance ministries and marriage ministries to health ministries and small group Bible studies. About every three months, they have a big push at church to encourage people to join a ministry group and invite their friends too.

It took the disciples almost four years to see outward results, and Monroe is finding similar results. Beyond the numbers, Monroe Church members are seeing lives changed as new and established disciples focus on the cross of Christ. Their progress flows from time spent with Jesus and being committed and united disciples.