Milo Student Chaplains Ignite Passion for Jesus

January 01, 2014 | Chad Reisig

At Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Ore., student chaplains are charged with igniting a passion for Jesus on campus, which is no small task. They are doing the work of God in and among the students and staff.

[Redacted] Lomeland, senior student chaplain, explains, “Being a student chaplain has been an eye-opening adventure for me. One of the best parts is being on the front lines. It’s exciting when you step outside of your comfort zone to watch what God can do.”

Throughout the week, the student chaplains work alongside the pastor to develop programming that is meaningful, engaging and relevant to the student body. “We work very hard throughout the week planning vespers, Sabbath School and church," says Jared Sexton, sophomore student chaplain. "We do our best to get all of the students involved in every aspect of our worship services.”

To emphasize the value of prayer, one of the programs reborn this school year is a student-led prayer meeting on Tuesday nights, called ReCharge. "ReCharge gives students a chance to relax, take a break from their busy schedules and spend some time with God in prayer," Sexton explains.

Though the programming is important, much of the work is done between programs. During the week, the interpersonal relationships student chaplains develop with other students lead to some of the most spiritual moments on campus. “Overall, what I love the most are the relationships," Lomeland says. "My absolute favorite part of this job are the talks and prayers I’ve had with fellow students and staff, listening to the challenges they face every day and the ways that God is working in their lives.”

Of course, these student chaplains often meet resistance. “The Great Controversy is very real and is taking place all around us," Sexton relays. "Satan is trying very hard to bring us down. But if I have learned anything at all through being a student chaplain, it is this: No matter how hard Satan is working, God is with us, and He is stronger.”

Milo staff members pray God blesses as these teens demonstrate the love of Christ to others.