Kettle Falls Hosts Dinner With the Doctor

January 23, 2014 | Marilyn Morgan

The Kettle Falls, Wash., community was blanketed with door-hanger invitations for Dinner With the Doctor. On Sunday afternoon, Nov. 23, 2013, the beautifully decorated church fellowship room was filled with more than 90 people, nearly half of whom were community neighbors and friends. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal prepared by Neva Brackett and a host of helpers. The menu included savory stuffing bread dressing, savory cutlets, naturally sweet cranberry sauce, meat-like balls with barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans provençal, holiday baked yams, herb bread, pumpkin-orange raisin scones (are you hungry yet?), and desserts like old-fashioned pumpkin pie, apple crisp and pear-plum crisp with whipped topping and coconut ice cream.

Frank Johnson, 89, and his son, Justin, live just two doors down from the church. “I could be perfectly happy as a vegetarian if I could eat like this," admits Justin.

Following the meal, Jim Brackett conducted a question-and-answer period with questions submitted by the guests. The panel of physicians answered questions about diabetes, heart disease, urinary problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and other issues.