Filipino Church Celebrates Stories of Faith

January 07, 2014 | Heidi Baumgartner

Walter Dietz picked up the mail one day and found a flyer for an interesting Bible prophecy meeting. He came to every meeting at Greater Seattle Filipino-American Church, took comprehensive notes and filled a big binder with his notes and seminar materials.

Dietz, you see, is a pastor/trainer for Christian pastors in the United States and abroad.

Before he retired and entered ministry, Dietz worked at Boeing and helped other Christians found a lunchtime Bible study group. After the Bible prophecy seminar at the Filipino church, Dietz asked to be rebaptized because of the impact of the biblical truth he learned from the seminar.

The stories continue from this seminar site, one of 135 Bible prophecy seminar locations in western Washington during October and November 2013. These meetings were offered in English, Spanish, Korean, Russian and Indonesian.

When your 6-year-old nephew invites you to go to his church’s Amazing Prophecies meeting, it’s hard to refuse. This is what happened to Rex Simbre.

Simbre, a seaman working on cargo ships with international destinations, stays with his Adventist family members in Renton during his time off.

One week after the series began, Simbre was scheduled to leave for work in Hawaii, but severe pain from a kidney stone grounded him and kept him longer in Seattle. He attended the rest of the seminar series and felt convicted by God on the last Friday night to be baptized. God showed him blessings in disguise.

A couple named Nick and Susan Nuezca came to the Filipino-American Bible prophecy meeting because of a last-minute invitation from Eddie General, Filipino-American Greater Seattle Church  pastor, who felt impressed to distribute his last 200 handbills at SeaFood Center in Tukwila to people sitting outside at round tables.

The couple later told General that they had come because of the invitation outside of SeaFood Center. Nick Nuezca explained how he and his wife were praying to find someone or a group where they could study the Bible. The couple attended every meeting and decided to follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting to be baptized.

“These are just three of the stories about how God was at work at our meetings,” says General.