Veterans Day 2013

Students at Yakima Adventist Christian School came to school on Veterans Day in order to learn more about our country and its veterans and to participate in the annual Veterans Day parade in Yakima, Wash. Grades one through 10 rode on semi-truck trailers, while a pickup truck with a trailer of apple bins contained the preschool and kindergarten classes. Local veterans joined the students in the back of the pickup.

Students decorated the vehicles with various patriotic decorations as well as the United States and Christian flags. Along the route through downtown Yakima, older students waved small flags and younger students held patriotic pinwheels. The youngest students shouted "happy Veterans Day" and "thank you for your service" as the older students sang Christian songs. The group received a lot of thumbs-up and other signs of approval for including God in their appreciation for the sacrifice of the veterans.

After returning to school and eating lunch, the older students learned more about America's veterans — their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good — from the veterans themselves. Veterans Day was a great experience for the students as well as the veterans who participated.

December 19, 2013 / Upper Columbia Conference