Long-term Relationships Result in Falls City Baptism

December 26, 2013 | Larry Scofield

All heaven, along with the Falls City Church family and Darlene Strand’s children, grandchildren and extended family, rejoiced and celebrated her baptism into God’s family on Oct. 26, 2013. Strand was baptized by Steve Gilmore, her brother-in-law and pastor of the Elgin and Enterprise churches.

Strand grew up in a Christian home and was dedicated as a child in the Baptist Church. In her early 20s, her older sister, Merrilou, was baptized into the Adventist Church. At the time, Strand was attending the local nondenominational church. She was intrigued by her sister’s decision and spiritual comments but was told by her local pastor that Adventism is a cult.

Over the years, Merrilou continue to share, and both sisters prayed together for their husbands to become Christians. When Merrilou’s husband, Steve, was baptized into the Adventist Church, Strand was amazed because he had always been vocal against religion and religious people. Shortly thereafter, Strand and her husband divorced, and Strand joined the Southern Baptist Church.

As Merrilou continued to share spiritual things with her, Strand’s interest in the Adventist Church grew. She knew in her heart that Saturday was the true Sabbath. Merrilou sent her sister studies, and Strand began studying with an Adventist neighbor, Cheryl Androes.

Strand moved away but was afraid to take the next step. Androes called Pat Biro, the local Bible worker, to connect with Strand and to study the Bible with her. Studies began, and this time Strand was willing to commit each step of the way.

She attended a one-week series of meetings with Lee Venden, which she loved. Just before Strand was buried in the waters of baptism, she gave a beautiful testimony of having found total and complete freedom in Jesus. Her church family praises God for His tender leading in His daughter's life.