Anchorage Series Draws People to Christ

December 18, 2013

The ongoing Christ Our Hope evangelistic series being held at the Anchorage Community Church has triggered a buzz of interest across Anchorage. Don West, who recently assumed leadership of the congregation, has been faithfully delivering God’s Word, leading his listeners to a clearer view of Christ and the wonderful truths of the everlasting gospel.

The widespread interest in the series was vividly demonstrated on Sabbath evening, Nov. 22, when more than 100 attendees showed up to listen to West’s lecture on the entertainment industry, entitled "The Dark Side of the Screen." A large number of young people responded to his appeal to do away with the distractions that divert attention from what matters most — namely, the cultivation of love for the Word of God and consecrating quality time to personal communion with God.

One of those most impacted by the campaign is Sentiera Stricklin, a young woman who had been visiting Anchorage Community Church for some time. Stricklin testifies that the series has answered many of the questions that have perplexed her in her quest to deepen her relationship with Jesus. She believes this event has provided her with the perfect opportunity to make a full surrender to the Lord, and, consequently, she is making plans to be baptized.

Alfred Anderson, Anchorage Community Church elder and long-time leader, saw the benefit of West's evangelism. “I’ve witnessed firsthand night after night the moving power of God speaking through the mouth of His servant," Anderson says. "Anointed power fell afresh on the preacher nightly as he preached the truth, and men and women have been set free and have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I’ve witnessed people coming forward nightly as appeals were made and later expressed that this was the first time that they heard the truth as the Word of God was being preached. The truth has set them free, and they want to share [this experience] with their families and friends.”

The series has blessed both guests and members.

Tracia Howell-West, Anchorage Community Church member