We Need More Grace

I read, with great interest, the article on GraceLink ("Introducing the New GraceLink," October 2013). Using the Internet to reach folks is a great idea. To reach children is very important in any way possible. Knowing that people have differing ways of learning means that all of the senses need to be involved. Focusing on grace is fabulous. The more we hear about that, the better, in my opinion. Leading folks to the foot of the cross is what we all should focus on.

I do have an issue with one part of the article, however, because of my history with the Adventist Church. I cannot remember anyone talking to me about relationship — Sabbath School, school, home or church. So, when the article says things like “leading our children to the foot of the cross and helping them become lifelong Adventists," the hair on the back of my neck stands up. In my study now, I assume that it won’t be “Adventists” that are saved, just like it won’t be “Catholics” who are lost. It is an individual walk with God — a personal relationship that will be the key. I would guess that there are going to be many Adventists on "Resurrection Morning" who will hear “I never knew you” from Jesus. What a terrible disappointment that will be — after paying so much attention to the "details" of salvation to be among the lost! I would hope that the true objective of this site is to foster relationships with our Savior — not any particular denomination.

Ranell Machado, Chiloquin, Ore.

October 29, 2013 / Intersections