Ferndale Shares Water of Life

October 29, 2013 | LeRoy Brown

Every Tuesday for two months, Ferndale Church members have distributed 240 water bottles to the corner of Main and Second Street. To date, more than 2,000 bottles of water have been handed out.

Passersby received 16-ounce bottles of filtered water to quench their thirst and cool their bodies. Each water bottle had a GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tract attached with the church’s phone number and address included.

Mark and Melanie Johnson and their daughter, Nerie, along with Ron and Wiljen Camillo, Roger and Jenny Brown, and their children, as well as many others of the church family, participated in preparing the water bottles and handing them out.

These Tuesday sharing times — on warm, dry days or cooler fall days — generated excitement and anticipation during the two hours that this work was being done.

“I feel like the water ministry is a great way to help spread God’s Word,” says Roger Brown, Ferndale Church deacon. “Everyone can use a drink of water and read a little something about Jesus."

"We hope ... handing [out] water bottles in the community here in Ferndale will be a prelude in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ,” says Jesse Sacdalan, Ferndale District pastor. “The church [members] understand that connecting with our community though a mission-minded attitude is a long-term and costly investment. We are hoping handing [out] water bottles on a street corner may be a nice attention-getting gesture.”