Seniors Win Souls in O'Brien

Senior citizens Jasper Sossong and John Bazen, with the faithful help of the Holy Spirit, have planted a church in O'Brien, Ore.

Each Sabbath afternoon a group of 20–25 people meet in a small trailer to study God's Word. Lois Taylor, also a senior, leads the Bible study.

Each Sabbath someone else joins the faithful group. A retired contractor from Grants Pass, Ore., drives more than 100 miles each Sabbath to worship there. He and Sossong are also visiting prospective members in the community.

Two ladies from the area have taken their stand in baptism and are now bringing their friends to the new church in the trailer.

These senior citizens have a vision of what God wants them to do in their spare time. As 85-year-old Sossong says, "It sure beats sitting in my rocking chair."

November 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference