Media Missionaries Share Experiences With Kettle Falls

November 01, 2012 | Marilyn Morgan

Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church members and guests learned about Bill and Venie Osborn's mission work in Thailand during a special presentation in September. The Osborns became the All-Asia Media Center director and production scheduler in 2009, shortly after they retired.

The All-Asia Media Center is a dual effort started by Jon Wood, Jesus For Asia's director, and Pastor Phamor, a retired visionary of Thailand's Karen people. Phamor had land and saw the need for a media center. While the studio was still in the construction phase, the Osborns joined Rick and Judy Hernandez, from the Eugene (Ore.) Church, to work on the building project.

Completed last summer, the studio includes two production sets used by pastors and other speakers to present the Adventist message through local-language programming in a nation that is less than 1 percent Christian. More than 1,000 DVDs have already been produced, and hopefully programs will soon be beamed across Southeast Asia via satellite.

In addition to the Osborns, who are volunteers serving at their own expense, two Americans and two nationals help produce the programs and DVDs. Plans have been made to train other Thai workers to help.

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