Hydrotherapy Demonstrated at Caldwell Church

November 01, 2012 | DeeAnn Reedy

I slipped through the door of Caldwell Church's Friendship Hall on April 29. I scanned the scene, taking note of the things being set up for the hydrotherapy demonstration — a table dressed as a bed, white plastic pans laid out, and towels and washcloths set out for use.

Meeting Rich and Ronda Smith was easy and enjoyable. I questioned them about their background. Ronda confirmed she was a registered nurse who graduated from Pacific Union College in California. Rich attended the Northwest School of Massage in Washington State and became a licensed massage practitioner. Through the years they have taught lifestyle education and simple remedies. They have worked with the original NEWSTART Lifestyle Center as well as the Lifestyle Center of America. They only recently left California's Weimar Center of Health and Education.

Eighteen individuals attended the presentation. The Smiths explained the benefits of hydrotherapy, which include knowing when to use it and when to seek professional medical help. It is good to work with the body's natural mechanisms, but there are times we should take advantage of the knowledge God has given the scientific world, particularly in medicine.

We also learned about the use of charcoal, focusing on when, how and why to use it. We watched a PowerPoint presentation, reviewed handouts, were given information on giving contrast treatments (moist, hot and cold treatments) and then viewed the demonstration (all done without ice or water). We were shown what materials we would need, how to set up for a treatment, and how to care for the patient. We watched as Rich showed us how to apply ice therapy gently to a localized area. (Ice is applied first when there is an injury.)

Then Ronda had Rich lie down on the table to show us how and where to put the thermal pads, how to drape the patient with a sheet and what to do when. Of course the entire point of hydrotherapy is to increase circulation and bring oxygen, antibodies and nutrients to the area of concern to promote healing and health. The Smiths' motto is "perfect health depends upon perfect circulation."

Contact Rich and Ronda Smith by email ariseandshinehealth@gmail.com or on their website www.ariseandshinehealth.com.