Cedarbrook Fundraiser Creates Buzz

November 01, 2012 | Greg Reseck

Twenty-four students at Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School in Port Hadlock got busy with fundraising when they learned about an opportunity to raze their teacher's hair.

For the past five years, students donated $75–100 from their Christmas gift exchange classroom fund to help street children in Iquitos, Peru.

Greg Reseck, grades 3–8 teacher, challenged students to raise $250 as a surprise gift to Paul and Sandi Opp from the People of Peru Project, who would soon be visiting the school. Reseck promised the top fundraisers could give him a buzz cut.

Students earned money over the weekend, asked friends for donations and raided change jars. A Facebook friend pledged to match every dollar students raised.

During the Opps' presentation, they showed students images of poverty-stricken children their age digging in garbage cans to find rotting food to stave off hunger. The students were even more thankful that they could help make a difference.

A giant check for $1,200 left the Opps momentarily speechless. "It was like watching not only their reaction, but the kids' in Peru as well," says Mariah Hamblett, a Cedarbrook student. "It warmed my heart."

Another student, Daniel Johnston, says, "The knowledge that you made the world a better place for someone is uplifting."

Isaac Allen, the top student fundraiser with $321, earned the privilege of taking the first turn with the clipper to give Reseck his first buzz cut in more than 45 years.