Principal's Partnership Promotes Professional Professors

His upbringing as a "Brit," with all of the traditions that carries, has not prevented Matthew Butte, principal of Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Wash., from being an innovator when it comes to education. His arrival 16 years ago via public transportation bus heralded that a new era at CAA had begun.

Networking, leadership skills and the highest quality of instruction were important in Butte's role as chaplain, and those values have remained a top priority in his present role as administrator. So when Butte saw that George Fox University, headquartered in Newberg, Ore., had received a grant from the Murdock Foundation and was soliciting principals for a mentorship program, he immediately applied.

Gary Kilburg, George Fox Mentoring Institute director, began working with Butte and was excited about partnering with CAA. This partnership has had a huge ripple effect as it led to strengthening and improving the professional development opportunities for all CAA faculty and staff. It also led to the funding of technology and differentiated learning seminars, team-building and social activities, national conventions, and even a staff field trip to Powell's Books (with books included) in Portland, Ore.

Butte realizes that the benefits of applying for the mentorship have far exceeded the immediate expectation of improving his own leadership skills. "We are blessed to have this partnership with the George Fox University and hope that it has also been a blessing for them," Butte says. "We trust this partnership will be long lasting like the Queen of England's rule. Long live the queen!"

October 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference