Float Adds Refreshment to Fourth of July Parade

Montana's Highland View Christian School (HVCS) students and Butte Church members created a float for the local Fourth of July parade. During the parade, students sitting in the float handed bottles of cold water to the adult members, who distributed the much-appreciated drinks to parade attendees. Each of the 1,000 bottles featured a sticker displaying the school's name, contact information and "Preparation for Life and Eternity" motto.

Andrew Crowe, one of the students, said he enjoyed getting the bottles of water ready and he really liked riding in the float. The excited participants plan to enter a float in next year's parade and provide an even greater number of water bottles.

In March, 18 Butte Church members gave away hand warmers during the local St. Patrick's Day parade. Business-size cards with the church's information and "Sharing the warmth of Jesus' love" were attached to the hand warmers. The parade goers were thankful for the extra warmth on a damp, cold day. Some of the parade attendees asked how much the hand warmers were or if members wanted a donation. They were assured these were free gifts just to help them stay warm.

The church and school members use these and other little ways to show they care for their community.

HVCS just completed a new school building and opened the new school year on Aug. 20.

October 01, 2012 / Montana Conference