Castle Rock Helps Community Become Healthier

Castle Rock Church members began to pray and prepare late last year for a health series, which included an extended series of vegan cooking classes.

First they held a public showing of the Forks Over Knives documentary at the local school auditorium. Eighty people attended, and many responded by signing up for the classes about depression, exercise and fat loss.

The cooking series was offered for free during this difficult financial time. Though the cooks did not demonstrate how to make the dishes, they served many different plant-based dishes every night. Each of the 40–50 community and 16–20 church participants received the recipes for each dish. Weekly themes included Mexican, picnic, soups, breads and muffins, pasta and sauces, salads and dressings, breakfast, raw foods, entrees, party foods and pizza.

A DVD by John McDougall, physician and nutrition expert, was used for the presentations, and McDougall made a big hit by answering questions live via video conferencing.

The testimonies from the participants were phenomenal, and several who had signed up for the depression class reported that they felt they did not need it since they had changed their diet.

A lady who has arthritis and felt there was nothing she could do came to the class never dreaming she would find help. At the last class she said the class had given her life back. She said her mother died with arthritis, and she expected that she would never recover. She was already feeling a lot better by the end of the class and learned that there is a lot of food she can eat and still be healthy.

A call came from a lady who said she had pain from her head clear down to her legs and was taking about 11 different pills to try and control it in order to care for her family. She is nearly off all her pills now and has no pain.

Another lady who has been addicted to drugs and smoking is hoping to be completely past her addiction soon. She is feeling so much better that she can't believe it. (There was call from her near the beginning of the class, and she was at the health food store buying things so she could make the recipes). She has been cooking only plant-based foods, and her roommate has been helped also. The roommate has nearly gotten his blood sugar in control.

The people who served the food to the people at their tables said there was much enthusiasm as they visited each table. It was challenging to get the attendees' attention because they were so busy talking about what they were learning.

Castle Rock Church members enjoyed helping so many people.

October 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference