Alaska Campers Go Under Construction

Flat Lake, northwest of Anchorage, provided the perfect backdrop for the spiritual atmosphere at Camp Tukuskoya this year. Between games of capture the flag and worships around the campfire, 47 junior campers experienced the Under Construction theme of this year's Alaska Camps program.

While learning to measure buildings and how to use a level, the campers discovered they can't measure God's love and being level-headed requires using the Bible as their manual. Through classes, skits and songs the campers experienced the truth that God is still working on all of us.

With only 22 teen campers at Camp Tukuskoya this year, the youth and staff became a close-knit family. Discussions about God, life, death and salvation grew profound as kids searched for truth and guidance. Questions poured out as campers opened up to the staff, who did their best to point each one toward God and His advice.

At Camp Lorraine in Wrangell, 68 campers enjoyed a week of tubing, rocketry and campfire songs. The staff used improvisational comedy to portray that salvation cannot be bought or earned, but must be received as a gift from our loving Savior. Campers created model houses and airplanes in the craft room, while canoeing classes explored the cove. Skits were written and performed by the music, drama, life skills and hands in motion classes. A few even braved the heights of the newly built rock wall.

Jackknife Mountain was framed by fog at Camp Polaris in Dillingham this year as 44 campers polar-dipped in Lake Aleknagik. Between turns in the maccai (sweathouse) and chasing ground squirrels, the campers learned about the healing love of Christ. Staff testimonies and skits on self-esteem and bullying reminded campers to build each other up and that God would rather die than live without them — in fact, He already did.

October 01, 2012 / Alaska Conference