Safety in Action at the Grants Pass Church

The Grants Pass Church is putting safety into action. Our churches today can be far too relaxed about safety and emergencies. Grants Pass Church is improving upon these issues.

What is safety, whom does it affect, and where is it used? The meaning of safety is "the obligation of everyone, to all people, everywhere, to live and work in an environment that will not cause injury or loss of any kind to anyone." Safety in action is used in the home, on the road, at work, at school and in the church. The Grants Pass Church is protecting against injury and loss by planning, training and exercising common sense. The Grants Pass Church safety officer is working with the General Conference to implement written policies and procedures for the safety of the church.

Regular safety committee meetings are held to discuss what to do in the case of an emergency and how to handle any communication issues that might arise in that event. Preventing accidents and investigating any accidents that may have occurred are discussed during safety meetings as well as how to increase awareness of safety hazards.

The safety team as a whole is on the lookout for any possible hazards that need to be addressed.

Maintaining the church buildings and grounds is a priority for the safety team, as we Christians should take care of our Father’s house. Just knowing the surroundings and keeping a watchful eye can prevent many hazards and potential fires. Fire evacuation routes were given special attention by the safety team, and training for Sabbath School classes is being considered.

Three fire drills are scheduled before the end of the year, and fire extinguisher training will be provided for the staff and church leadership through the Grants Pass Fire Department. Attendees will get hands-on training with a fire extinguisher and putting out fires.

The church is also holding a safety alert and intruder training presented by the Grant Pass Police Department. All local churches will be invited. This training will identify predators in the church and how to keep the congregation and church staff safe from intruders. Intruders and predators are interested in churches where safety and security is relaxed and of low importance.

The Grants Pass safety committee is dedicated to the safety and protection of the church. The safety team is visible during every church service and event, patrolling the building and grounds. Child-safety training is of the utmost importance to the team's leadership. Mandatory training will be given in the area of child safety at the Grants Pass Church for all leaders and volunteers. Working together as leaders, volunteers, parents and staff, members can make the church a safe place for children. Child safety and supervision is the responsibility of the parents as well as every adult.

The Grants Pass Church safety team looks forward to working together to put safety in action.

September 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference