Grants Pass Mexican Fiesta Features CHIP Plant Food Cuisine

"The meal could be served in a restaurant with no apologies," reports one of the participants in the "Mexican Fiesta" cooking class held May 6 at the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church.

The first Sunday of every month, the CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Delicious Plant Food Cuisine cooking team presents an event in the Grants Pass, Ore., area, ranging from cooking demonstrations with hearty samples and recipes to restaurant experiences with guest speakers and vegetable garden tours.

May's class was presented by the Healthy Living Ministries team from the Central Point (Ore.) Church. Headed by Iris Eastwood, the team demonstrated several Mexican dishes, including homemade corn tortillas from freshly soaked and ground organic field corn.

The abundant buffet, according to several that attended, was "very yummy," "beautiful," "so delicious," "delightful" and "the best yet." Iris Eastwood and the Healthy Living Ministries team is available for presentations throughout Southern Oregon by visiting

August 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference