Northwest Christian Joins Geography Bee

July 01, 2012 | Alethea Miller

If you are in the fourth through eighth grades and know the capital of Azerbaijan, you might be contestant-ready for a geography bee.

Upper-grade students at Northwest Christian School (Puyallup, Wash.) discovered a new learning opportunity this last school year when Allan Sather, interim principal, introduced the school to the National Geography Bee.

Competition began in the classroom with two students advancing to the school-wide bee from each participating grade. The school-wide bee was held on a Friday morning in front of the entire student body.

It was a tough competition with even a fourth grader in the top four, but sixth-grade student Andrew Armstrong pulled through to win the school geography bee.

Armstrong and his mom, Angela, then went to Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Wash., on March 30 to compete in the state competition.

"I think the way the state ran the bee was cool," says Armstrong. "They divided us up and put us into small groups so we wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Also, I think the experience was amazing, and I definitely think we should do the geography bee in all Adventist schools."

Although he did not win, Armstrong still walked away with a great experience to remember and new knowledge about the world.