Kettle Falls Church Reaches Out to Community

Three successive recent outreach programs brought nearly 100 visitors in contact with ministry from Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church members.

Ron Reeves, the church's head deacon, organized Dinner with the Doctor, a series for parents and students of the Kettle Falls High School. Six monthly sessions from November to April featured a heart-healthy meal followed by a lecture from local physicians and recipe demonstrations given by Neva Brackett from her third and most recent publication, The 7 Secrets Cookbook.

The series was designed to help high-school students avoid obesity and other risky health outcomes. Prizes were awarded to students who had the highest scores in various health practices. Another Kettle Falls member, Judy Martin, taught an after-school cooking class at the local public school.

Beginning March 10, Jim Brackett conducted a five-part series titled "Darwin or Design?" Intelligent design (ID) was contrasted with the challenges facing evolutionary explanations for life on earth. The series featured taped interviews with noted neurosurgeon Ben Carson discussing the astonishing organization of the brain. Also featured were Michael J. Behe, biochemist and author of Darwin's Black Box, the book which "put ID on the radar screen of the world," and a live interview with optometrist Charles Reeve, who discussed the intricacies and incredible complexity of the human eye.

Following this series, Jim Brackett presented a Bible prophecy seminar illustrating each of 20 lectures with skillfully prepared PowerPoint presentations. The series explored fundamental beliefs of the Adventist Church as seen in prophetic passages of Scripture.

Each evening during the prophecy seminar, church members produced live children's programs covering the same topics as those for the adults. These programs were streamed live via the Internet at, which was visited by at least 300 unique users from more than 25 countries around the world.