Grants Pass Celebrates Week of Prayer

The Grants Pass (Ore.) Adventist School celebrated its annual spring week of prayer in March — an event made more special by the arrival of Christian Martin, the new associate pastor of the Grants Pass Church.

The first day's focus was on the "baggage" we can carry as we follow Christ. Martin demonstrated this by giving a student volunteer more and more suitcases to carry, all while throwing money for him to catch. The unsuspecting student couldn't catch much money because he was weighed down. This is what sin can do to our lives if we let it. The student was given another chance to catch money without holding the suitcases.

Another day focused on how "wrapped up" sin can make us and how difficult it can be to get out of sin. A student was wrapped in toilet paper and asked to break out of the wrapping to show how sin can add up and bind us.

Martin demonstrated on Thursday how sin can taste sweet at first but turns bitter fast. He had a competition where students gulped down lemonade, not knowing it had salt mixed into it. There were several thirsty students after this activity.

Students were asked the last day about what they found important in life. They were asked to choose between a $100 bill, a ticket to a football game at the 50-yard line, or a bottle of water. Students made their choices. Then Martin asked, "Did I mention that you were stuck in a desert?"

At the conclusion of the week, 17 students answered Martin's call from the Lord. They will begin studies to prepare for baptism.

Martin and his family, including wife Heidi, Moriah, 2, and Elijah, 4, arrived in Grants Pass in late February from Michigan. The Martins have worked from the first day to inspire and motivate the children and youth of the church and school, and they hope to reach young people outside of the church as well.

July 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference