Don Keele Award Helps Restore Creek

July 01, 2012 | Harry Smedes

Two teachers at the Grants Pass (Ore.) Adventist School were awarded the Don Keele Excellence in Education Award. Judi Clark and Angela White were awarded $3,500 for their five-year project of restoring Eagle Creek.

The project includes clearing weeds and dense blackberry thickets along the creek where it passes along the school's grounds and vegetable garden; making walkways to the creek; and constructing an arbor, benches and a bridge so that section of Eagle Creek is usable by people of all ages.

The water will be tested periodically to determine its suitability for salmon. When the water is ready, the students will raise salmon from eggs and release the fish into the creek.

The site will be used for science studies such as biology, botany and hydrology. Students and staff will talk to neighbors about roles they should play in maintaining a healthy water resource.

Students will be working with the city, not only for coordination and guidance, but also to help ensure the creek's quality will be maintained as a suitable habitat for salmon all the way to the creek's confluence with the Rogue River.

This big and exciting project will involve teachers and students in all grades, from kindergarten through eighth. Volunteers are warmly welcomed and can contact the school at 541-479-2293 for more information.