Caldwell Adventist Elementary Receives Go On Award

Caldwell Adventist Elementary School (CAES) was one of 27 schools in Idaho which was recently awarded funds through the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation's Go On Schools initiative, aimed at resourcing and supporting Idaho schools committed to helping students "go on" beyond high school.

"We are so excited to be working with the Go On campaign and the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. Our students are already brainstorming new and creative ways to explore within our science, math and language arts curriculum," says Bonny Smith, CAES principal. "Education beyond high school is something our students hear about across the curriculum as a part of our normal routine. We are eager to re-emphasize that goal with greater precision, thanks to the grant funds for next year."

Middle-school students will benefit from this $26,100 grant in various ways, such as new technology for software, interactive electronic textbooks in math and science, and a new high-tech circuitry engineering lab. The school will participate with Idaho Career Information Systems, an organization that provides online resources for student self-awareness, educational programs, scholarships and career planning.

CAES students will also be supported and mentored in planning higher education, selecting a career and setting goals. The school plans to launch a new literature book club program focused on reading, literary analysis and writing skills.

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation is a private family foundation committed to the vision of a world-class education that prepares Idaho's citizens for the 21st century and beyond. The Go On campaign was created by the foundation to bring new awareness and understanding to the challenges required for every Idahoan to succeed and prosper in the 21st century. For more information about the Go On campaign, visit

July 01, 2012 / Idaho Conference