Auburn Students Present Peer Mentoring to Elementary Students

July 01, 2012 | Cheri Fletcher

Selected Auburn (Wash.) Adventist Academy juniors and seniors just completed the sixth-annual mentoring week of prayer for seventh- and eighth-grade students at nearby Buena Vista Adventist Elementary School.

Each year, the Auburn Academy Church senior pastor and academy Bible teachers select four to six students to present a peer program called "Don't Go Into the Game Without a Game Plan."

Academy students meet weekly with pastoral mentors for three months to pray and develop outlines, testimonies and illustrations to help elementary students plan ahead for the new chapter in their lives as high school students.

This year's presentations addressed how to handle peer pressure, manage time, set right priorities and spend time with God.

Academy boys talk with elementary boys, and academy girls talk with elementary girls—except for one day when the academy boys and girls switch places to talk about becoming men and women of God.

The program, in its sixth year, now features academy students who once listened to these presentations as elementary students. The academy students take their mentor role seriously, knowing the younger students will be watching them as examples and looking to them for guidance when they get to high school.

By the end of the week, students understand that God is their coach, how to stay in the boundaries of life's game and the importance of knowing the word of God.