UCA Students Benefit from TIP Program

June 01, 2012 | Joe Hess

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., is preparing to enter its third year of the Tuition Incentive Plus (TIP) program. The program is designed to make Adventist education more affordable for families after students have outgrown their local Adventist schools. TIP is designed to give families a break in tuition for every year they attend UCA.

"While some of our students come from Adventist schools with ninth and 10th grades, many of our students come from rural areas that don't have Adventist education options past eighth grade," says Troy Patzer, UCA principal. "TIP is designed for these students, to lower the cost of being in academy multiple years."

After paying full tuition the first year of the program, students receive a 20-percent tuition discount their second year at UCA. "The 20-percent discount amounts to $1,655 for second-year students," says Debbie Nelson, vice principal for finance. "We've given approximately $250,000 in TIP discounts this school year."

Students receive a 30-percent tuition discount their third year, and students who attend UCA all four years receive a 50-percent tuition break their last year. A student does not need to attend UCA their ninth grade year to take advantage of the tuition discounts.

TIP was created by parents for parents who are all on the same page when it comes to their child's education. "TIP does not eliminate the cost that comes with Adventist education, but it's our hope this is something that will make UCA more affordable for students and their families," says Patzer.