Mission Trip Helps Auburn International Student Overcome Fears

Christine Kim, a sophomore international student at Auburn (Wash.) Adventist Academy (AAA), has a few fears in life.

One trip, a few helpful friends and a perfect opportunity to get to know Jesus washed away Kim's fears and replaced them with a newfound bravery and a new-found faith.

Before the AAA mission trip to Hawaii, Kim did not like public speaking, did not know how to swim and was not even sure how she felt about God.

The goal of the mission trip was to renovate Kahili Mountain Park, a beautiful summer camp needing special love and care. Kim was part of the painting crew, while others took care of the grounds, fixed potholes, laid carpet and remodeled the kitchen.

It was Kim's first time to Hawaii, and she wanted to snorkel. She asked a friend to teach her to swim so she could see tropical fish. "I faced my fears," says Kim. "God helped me."

Now she would like to start swimming more and even participate in AAA's annual swim meet.

For Kim, the best part of her trip was leaving her fears in Hawaii and learning to trust God more.

June 01, 2012 / Washington Conference