Literature Table Reaches Tourists in Talkeetna

A small table is reaching the world as thousands of tourists pass through tiny Talkeetna, Alaska, each summer on their way to see Mount McKinley. Self-supporting Adventist missionary-colporteurs are taking advantage of that traffic by operating a literature table on a busy corner in the downtown area.

A simple "where are you from?" initially caused people to pause at the table, where they were offered free Bibles, health literature, DVDs, gospel books, prayer and a smile. Then a collection of exceptionally tame pets was added, and tourists flocked to the table to take pictures of and cuddle with rabbits, hens and chicks.

One family from New York played with the pets for about 40 minutes. The father, a corporate attorney, had no room in his luggage but left his business card so The Great Controversy could be mailed to him.

Diplomats from Austria stopped by and took a health magazine. Brothers from Wyoming picked up some books. One man, who used to be an Adventist, lingered awhile then, as he left, said softly, "This is very nice."

Musicians, pet owners and other mission-minded visitors are welcome to come help keep the table operating daily from mid-May through September.

June 01, 2012 / Alaska Conference