Tim Tebow

Thank you for Max's article about Tim Tebow ["Finishing Strong," May 2012], especially noting the "little John 3:16 painted under his eyes." What we usually focus on with that text is the believing in God's son and being saved part. What I've often missed is the first part, that bit about how God induces people to get to the believing stage: For God SO LOVED the world. I want to start doing a better job of loving the whole world, starting at home, at work and in my town. I want to look for some good in each person, regardless of our differences, and begin to realize that every tiny good thing in them is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. What the world needs now is lots more love, God's first and best plan. Oh, and by the way, what a beautiful cover you have on the May issue: simple, colorful, and not too much copy. Thank you to this month's designer or design team!

Carolyn Wesner, Weiser, Idaho


I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Marriott ["Whatever Thy Hand Findeth to Do," February 2012]. The Marriott family is a model for all Christian businesses on providing high-quality services at a fair price. The Marriott work ethic is worthy of study in any MBA business class.

That said, thank you for the article. Kudos to all of the GLEANER staff. Keep up the great work.

William Pritchard, Battle Ground, Washington

Well, we certainly appreciate positive feedback. God is a faithful gentleman, always honoring His word. If you have been blessed by tithing, pass it forward.

To His Excellence,

Cindy Chamberlin, GLEANER managing editor

June 01, 2012 / Intersections