John Day Church Celebrates Baptism

Daniel Davis was baptized Feb. 11 by Tony Brandon at the John Day (Ore.) Church.

"I wanted to be baptized because I heard of baptism, wondered what it was, and looked it up, and asked my parents about it," Davis explains. "I thought about what they said, and I decided I wanted to be baptized. I took lessons for baptism and prepared myself."

Davis continues, "[On] Aug. 4, 2011, I was in an accident when I was hit on my bike. I had minor bruises, and my back had pain for a while, but it stopped after a month. I knew it wasn't luck that helped me through my accident; it was God. I was baptized Feb. 11, 2012. I enjoyed the time, and my parents were happy with me deciding to be baptized."

The John Day Church members are happy to welcome this young man to their membership.

June 01, 2012 / Idaho Conference