Follow the Lamb Easter Dramatization in Gladstone Park

Easter weekend, the Gladstone Park Church led out in the second presentation of Follow the Lamb, a dramatization and musical portraying the final events of Christ's life and His resurrection. Held in the Holden Convention Center, in Gladstone, Ore., members of several churches joined to bring the emotional and heart changing story of Jesus to life.

Friday evenings program centered on the disciple John and Nicodemus, the former Pharisee and Sanhedrin member, as they relived the final events of Jesus' life leading up to His Crucifixion. At times, as the remembered scenes were so real that it was as if they were there again. At these times actors dramatized scenes from The Last Supper, Gethsemane, and Jesus' Trial. Interspersed throughout the drama were songs that helped to tell this incredible story.

Paul Johnson, former Gladstone Park Church pastor, concluded by saying that Jesus' Kingdom was a world turned upside down to what people expected but in reality He came to turn the world right side up to God's expectations.

At eight a.m. Sunday morning lights gradually came on and stories from those who lived through the unfolding hours of the day Jesus rose from the tomb were portrayed. Doubts and unbelief were replaced with overwhelming joy as the weight of evidence convinced even the most skeptical.

Follow the Lamb was concluded with presenters returning to the stage and with the audience singing "He Lives," "He's Alive Again," and "Mighty to Save."

Bob Uhrig, current Gladstone Park Church pastor, challenged all present to consider what Jesus' resurrection meant to them personally today and for the future.

Guests and actors alike, wiped tears from their eyes, as their hearts were moved by the power of God's most amazing love and grace.

Next year it is our hope and prayer to reach even more people with the Gospel Message of Christ's life, death and resurrection through Follow the Lamb.

June 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference

Richard Cook and Wesley Clark, Gladstone Park Church communication leaders