Alaska's Revive! Series Will Reach North America

The Voice of Prophecy-sponsored Reach Alaska evangelistic event reaches its culmination during June. One of the most intensive and intentional Adventist evangelistic events to ever hit Alaska, Revive! Experiencing God, will be held June 9–16 at the Egan Convention Center in Anchorage, Alaska, and beamed to churches and households across North America via the Hope Channel.

Well-known keynote speakers Dwight Nelson, Derek Morris, Jon Henderson, Karl Haffner, Randy Roberts, Elizabeth Talbot, Carlton Byrd, José Rojas and Ron Halvorsen will each address a portion of the event's topic, Experiencing God. Nelson will begin with Experiencing God's Grace. Other speakers will follow that theme of Experiencing God's ..., each with its own addition: Peace, Presence, Forgiveness, Rest, Assurance, Hope and Leading.

This series will be the capstone to a chain of Voice of Prophecy events that begins with Camp Meeting at Sea, a cruise through Alaska's inside passage.

The Reach Alaska project began in earnest last fall when Discover Bible School invitations were mailed to each person in the state. As a result, hundreds of Bible studies have been started and completed, with follow-up by Alaska Adventist members.

Voice of Prophecy will host a mass graduation of Bible-school graduates on June 9 at the Egan Center. The event will also include the Family Reunion concert, featuring musicians such as Faith First, Rudy Micelli, Allison Speer and Carol Derry-Bretsch.

Alaska is geographically larger than many nations of the world. The 22 smallest U.S. states would fit within its boundaries. Accordingly, this Reach Alaska project is the largest-ever mission attempted by the Voice of Prophecy.

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June 01, 2012 / Intersections