Sunnyside Celebrates Two Baptisms

May 01, 2012 | Jeanne Barrett-Usher

Maggie Ramirez came to the Sunnyside (Wash.) Church for a cooking class more than two years ago. Then more recently she took Bible studies from the church's Bible-worker, Dale Cordes. With Cordes' patient guidance, Ramirez realized she needed to be baptized. With her husband and two young sons watching, Ramirez was baptized on Dec. 20, 2011.

Donna Biggerstaff, long-time resident of Outlook, Wash., also decided to be baptized. As her friends from Washington's Grandview and Prosser churches bore witness, she was lowered into the waters on March 17. Biggerstaff was surrounded by many who love her and are delighted by her commitment.