Alaska Youth Active in Pathfinders, School and Music

May 01, 2012 | Quentin Purvis

Alaska is a great place to grow up, and this state has been blessed with so many young people. Google it and you will see that with a population of 626,931, the median age is 32.4. The Alaska Conference is looking to support churches that mentor and train youth to be leaders.

There are five Pathfinder clubs in the conference that are teaching young people, as the Pathfinder pledge says, to "be pure and kind and true" for the sole purpose of growing closer to their Creator. Leaders who have a passion for their clubs are making a difference in many lives so they may share their faith and follow the example of Jesus.

Alaska's schools have dedicated teachers who teach their students to serve God with the talents that He has given them, no matter how young. Fairbanks and Juneau schools came to Anchorage in March to participate in the Chimes Clinic led by Ben Purvis from Gem State Academy (Caldwell, Idaho). They went to different churches on Sabbath and blessed the congregations with beautiful music.

Then, they came together for Friday vespers as Stephen Vicaro, Hillside O'Malley Church (Anchorage) pastor, led them in song and challenged them to pray for one another.