Inland Washington Welcomes New Spanish Churches

The new year began with great blessings in the inland Washington area of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC).

New Congregation in Richland, Wash.

The Kennewick Spanish Church in Kennewick, Wash., is one of the youngest congregations in the UCC territory. This congregation has determined to grow and multiply; they own their church and are also giving birth to another congregation.

Heaven inspired the church to plant a new congregation in the neighboring city of Richland. The inspiration is now a reality because the Richland Hispanic congregation officially became a company on Jan. 14. They met for the first time as a company at the Red Lion Hotel on the shores of the Columbia River.

The company's charter was signed by 48 members representing four groups clearly distinguished and well organized to interact harmoniously as if they were marching under an invisible banner. A tremendous army of youth from first, second and third generations adds variety of ages and cultures to create a group with tremendous potential to reach the secular mind that ignores the gospel truth in this region of the world.

The local pastor, Jaime Flores, and his wife, Diana, emphasize that these two congregations are uniquely blessed by a number of visionary leaders determined to grow and moved by a deep sense of divine dependence. They stand out because of their sociability and earnest desire to bring forth the gospel mission in the multicultural and secular context that surrounds them.

New Church in Granger

Despite snow, Robert (Bob) Folkenberg Jr., UCC president, and Gerald Haeger, UCC ministerial director, met with a good number of members to commemorate the organization of the Granger Spanish Church on Jan. 21.

Nearly 60 people signed as charter members.

The Granger Spanish Church is a dynamic and successful member of a three-church district. A team of talented leaders work with FĂ©lix Maijub, Central Valley district pastor, and his wife, Damaris.

One of the leaders says that there is not only an increase in the number of leaders, but also an increase in the talents of each church leader. These leaders have richly blessed the Granger (Wash.) Spanish congregation, as have members of the adjacent English congregation of the Granger Church.

April 01, 2012 / Upper Columbia Conference