A Changed Life Christian Education Makes a Difference

When most people look at me, they see a person with good friends, good grades and a good home life, and, for the most part, they’re right.

But few know what it took for me to reach this place in my life.

The year before I came to Milo Adventist Academy (Milo in Days Creek, Ore.) was the worst of my life. I cannot describe the darkness I lived in; my constant prayer was that I could die and escape the pain.

That year seemed to take centuries, but at summer’s end I found that my Lord and I had walked through the valley of death and somehow I had survived. Yet, I was worried I might never FEEL anything again.

Then I came to Milo.

Suddenly, I was enveloped by miracles. Inexplicably, miraculously, my God had led me to a place where I was surrounded by people who shared a common goal in Christ, who genuinely cared about me, though all they knew of me was that I was closed in, aloof and snobby. They taught me to love again.

Now, in my senior year, I am madly in love with my Lord. I’ve found a way to focus my incredible new passion, and I’ve never been fuller or happier in my relationship with Him.

I’m not saying that my life’s been sunshine and flowers ever since — I still struggle with depression — but I’ve learned just how special a smile is.

Milo helped me learn that, and now, Milo is helping me to smile every day.

April 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference