Long Creek Creates Christmas Community Connections

After years of caroling and distributing holiday treats to various groups in the community, the Long Creek (Ore.) Church members set the "over the top" goal to give a basket to every household in town this past Christmas. There were 91 baskets filled with homemade bread, jelly or jam, sweet breads, oranges, and homemade candy.

A member of another church heard of the project and wished her church could be included, but her pastor was hesitant to accept the invitation. The Adventist members began to pray that if this was the Lord's will, the other church would join them.

One week before the planned distribution, the other church confirmed its participation. Members from both churches, plus additional community members, contributed to the baskets and joined in the caroling and handing out of baskets from horse-drawn wagons.

The impact on the community has been evident by continuing positive comments and even more people stopping to say, "Count me in for this year's project." It's a wonderful reminder that God's sheep are not limited to just one fold.

March 01, 2012 / Idaho Conference