Juneau Church Launches 24/7 Evangelist

Anticipation had been running high as the Juneau (Alaska) Church set out to build a Christian radio station, but one major roadblock remained: a suitable location for the radio antenna. More than two years had passed of the three that the Federal Communication Commission allowed for new radio stations to be established. Time was running out.

A possible site nearly a mile's hike up a mountain was suggested. Other towers were visible there, so the site manager was contacted. After many prayers, a site was found.

Questions arose: Where to buy a tower? How to take it up a hill? The mountain's two helipads were unusable — one was strictly for the Federal Aviation Administration, and the other was an old, wooden structure located too close to the other towers.

Looking in the brush nearby, three sections of a tower that had been there for some time were spotted. The tower, in perfect condition and the correct height, belonged to another local Christian station, which gave the Juneau Church permission to use it. God had supplied a tower.

Next the tower needed a pad, along with three anchor pads able to withstand 125-mph winds. Getting the concrete up the hill became the next challenge.

Church members from area churches hauled 80-pound concrete bags up the mountain, along with water to mix. Older members hauled concrete up the hill in smaller quantities. In just a day, members hauled more than 2,500 pounds of concrete, water, chainsaws and tools to clear the ground and dig holes for the foundation.

Equipment for the station was ordered, but the main computer broke during shipping. Brad Imboden, a new Adventist, knew just who to talk with — a man named Charles. Although not a member, Charles reassembled the computer, installed the software and registered everything. The unit is operating the station today.

The new station, KQQJ, which broadcasts at 90.7 FM in Juneau, went live in October 2011. It operates as a 24/7 evangelist, spreading the good news of the gospel and broadcasting inspiring Christian music. Broadcasts include daily devotionals, and will soon include promotional spots for the Juneau Adventist Christian School.

March 01, 2012 / Alaska Conference