Cooking Classes Teach God’s Original Diet at HVJA

Delectable scents waft throughout the classroom as children prepare Chinese fried rice in honor of the Chinese New Year. It’s all part of their monthly cooking and nutrition learning time — a day in the life of a second grader at Hood View Junior Academy (HVJA) in Boring, Ore.

Under the supervision of their teacher, Fran McVicker, the second graders' cooking experiences are based on a vegan diet and include pizza, pudding and smoothies all made without meat or dairy. In addition to learning valuable cooking skills, they are better understanding God’s original diet for mankind.

The cooking activities are based on the Health on Purpose nutrition curriculum for children ages 5–11. So far the children have experimented with recipes like bulgur salad, tabbouleh and hummus. Some reluctant students are surprised by how tasty unfamiliar foods can be and are more willing to try new foods they help prepare.

The students are also learning about the different cultures from which various foods come, including Middle Eastern, Native American and Asian.

Like the prophet Daniel, the second graders are becoming more comfortable eating food as it grows in nature and have begun to realize that their Creator has provided highly nutritious, plant-based foods for their "body temples." And by adopting healthier eating habits, they can be better prepared to meet their life goals.

McVicker, who has taught at HVJA for 38 years, is retiring in June. Her cooking students will participate in the upcoming Community Health Fair at HVJA on Sunday, April 1, 12:30–5 p.m. This will include a free vegan meal served to the first 150 attendees.

March 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference