Baker City Celebrates a Harvest

A host of new members — 24 to be exact — are the result of a two-year sowing and reaping process at the Baker City (Ore.) Church under the leadership of Tony Brandon, pastor.

The process started in January 2010 with Tim Roosenberg's Islam and Christianity seminar, a 10-day series that drew a packed house. Long-time Baker City Church members commented that there had never before been such a response. Many new friends were made, and follow-up Bible studies were conducted.

In October 2010, Brandon held a 10-day prophecy series, Astonishing Scenes of the Apocalypse: Unlock the Secrets of Revelation. The attendance was excellent and included community members, many of whom had also attended the earlier Islam and Christianity seminar. An in-depth, six-month, chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Revelation was conducted by Brandon as a follow-up to the 10-day series. Every non-member who attended the Astonishing Scenes seminar also faithfully attended the six-month follow-up.

Then in October 2011, Lyle Albrecht's Prophetic Signs seminar led 24 individuals to commit their lives to Jesus — 16 by baptism and eight by profession of faith.

One new member, Linda Kotz, initially attended the Roosenberg meetings with her husband, Ed. They had previously been impressed by several It Is Written DVDs but still had to overcome concerns that Adventism was a cultic religion. But as they attended, they realized the Bible-based teachings made sense. They began to see answers to questions that had always puzzled them. Kotz says, "We came to that seminar and never left. We are excited to be part of this movement and boast of it in a godly way to all who will listen."

In order to ensure that the new members are growing in their relationship with Jesus and are integrated into the congregation, a weekly Sabbath School class, Walking with Jesus, is being conducted. This class, crafted especially for new Adventists, covers areas such as discipleship, Sabbath-keeping, stewardship, prayer, Bible study, witnessing and the history of the Adventist movement.

February 01, 2012 / Idaho Conference