Take a Look at Digma.com

Light Bearers Ministries, based in Jasper, Oregon, is continuing to add provocative video content to its digma.com website. Here are three of the latest short videos, targeted to people who do not consider themselves religious:

Atheist Too

When Ty Gibson, Light Bearers ministry co-director, meets an atheist on a plane, the conversation becomes intriguing when Gibson says that he's an atheist too. Is there an atheism a believer in God could agree with?


If you possessed absolute power over someone, could you force them to be your friend, to love you? If you could, would you want to?

Survival Race

Charles Darwin's famous book spawned a new belief regarding our origin as a species. Are there any social or moral implications to believing Darwin's theory of evolution?

Watch these brief seven- to eight-minute videos at http://www.digma.com or with your mobile device via the GLEANER on the Go code here. Share them with your non-churched friends.

January 01, 2012 / Intersections