'Fire Fall Down' Mount Ellis Academy Students Speak for Week of Prayer

January 01, 2012 | Sarah Ojeda

Seven students shared their stories for Student Week of Prayer at Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) this year. The speakers used the powerful phrases of a familiar song, Fire Fall Down by Hillsong United, for their topics.

It amazed me to hear how God spoke through the students and how much they opened up to us. They told us about how they found Jesus, how real He is in their lives, and how we have to ask Jesus to help us break down the walls that we put up between ourselves and Him. There is nothing as spiritually inspiring as seeing your friends get up on a stage and talk about their love for God.

"It was a very special week," says Kendall Jones, one of the speakers. "I enjoyed talking to my peers and telling my story about how Jesus changed my life. I never thought I would be up there [speaking], and I loved seeing how this week touched the hearts of my friends."

This Student Week of Prayer put many of us on a spiritual high in which we felt closer than ever before to Jesus. It felt like a fire, burning within us, inspiring us to help others, be a friend to everyone and share God's love.

Sometime later, when taking prayer requests during chapel, one student had a powerful request: "to keep the fire burning." I hope it continues too.