Conference Plans Technology Webinars

Twenty Washington Conference pastors joined a teleconference in mid-November 2011 to begin a conversation on "Technology in Worship."

"In talking with churches, we got a sense that more churches want to embrace technology in their outreach activities," says Bill McClendon, Washington Conference ministerial director. "Our desire is to explain the value of media ministry, explore technology options, empower ministry leaders and employ a church media strategy."

The teleconference addressed how pastors do not need to be "media gurus" but do need to engage their media team to develop and implement an overall media strategy.

Washington Conference will offer eight webinars in 2012, available live and archived for on-demand playback for pastors and media teams. The webinars will address the big picture of media ministry, audio, video projection, video capture, lighting, presentation resources, streaming/podcasting and websites.

"We need to help our leaders understand the value of media ministry," says McClendon. "We're hoping to build a sense of synergy to help churches implement a robust media ministry. Some churches already have the technology in place and just need to refine what they already have available."

After the main teleconference presentation, pastors asked questions, gave feedback and shared requests.

"Our desire is to see something actually happen and not just provide information," McClendon says. "We want to see our churches take some major steps forward in media ministry."

January 01, 2012 / Washington Conference

Heidi Martella