SHINE Graduation A First for Upper Columbia Conference

December 01, 2011 | Kathy Marson

The Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) graduated their first class of 10 students from the SHINE Bible Worker Training School on Sept. 17.

They were congratulated by their teachers Steve Rogers, Dave Livermore, Jordana Ashburn and Eric Ramirez as well as administrators of UCC. Participants received certificates of completion.

The one-month course prepared the students to assist with evangelism and Bible studies and to serve as Bible-worker coordinators. Some of the graduates will be working soon in local UCC churches.

"The results of having a Bible school called Shine have been successful," Bob Folkenberg Jr., UCC president, said to the graduates. "No matter where you go, you will shine!" He also charged them to multiply wherever they go and help the church shine.

The graduates are Nitzi Barrett, Harold Beebe, Marla King, Tamala Mack, Jay Nawalkowski, Bob Ratcliff, Jerry Risenhoover, Maryann Risenhoover, Tye Schultz and Derek Williams.

Graduation was especially sweet for Jerry Risenhoover, who was told by his doctor not to attend the school because of a post-traumatic stress illness. But Risenhoover and his wife, Maryann, were impressed to attend anyway, and throughout the training he was able to retain what he learned and even preached at an evangelistic meeting. He believes the Holy Spirit worked with him and allowed him this opportunity.