Motorcycle Camp Meeting

It was a beautiful weekend at Gladstone Campground as motorcyclists arrived on their highway cruisers, sport bikes, custom choppers and touring motorcycles. Go into All the World ... Motorcycle Camp Meeting 2011 was held Aug. 26–28. This was a weekend-gathering of motorcyclists from around the Northwest interested in networking and fine-tuning their motorcycle ministry outreach skills.

More than 70 attended from around the Oregon Conference, some from the Idaho and Washington conferences, and from as far away as Canada and Utah. They camped out, stayed in nearby hotels, or commuted from home throughout the weekend.

The weekend schedule was filled with group prayer rides, motorcycle ministry workshops, praise and preaching services, and of course kicking tires (fellowshipping around the bikes while talking about life).

Al Reimche, motorcyclist and Oregon Conference president, gave the Sabbath morning message entitled "Church: Club or Embassy?" The talk compared and contrasted how we as members are called to be ambassadors for Christ. His messages, along with others throughout the weekend were streamed live from the Holden Convention Center. They are available as podcasts online at

The Sabbath morning worship offering went for Motorcycles for Indonesia — a mission project sponsored by Quiet Hour Ministries. There were enough funds given to provide two motorcycles for two pastors in Indonesia. Some responses about the mission project were, "An excellent idea!" "This was wonderful to do!" "This was a great mission project being motorcycle-based."

The book Steps to Jesus – the Ride of Your Life was featured as an outreach tool. More than 100 copies were given out to those who would share them. Motorcyclists departed on Sunday, some to enjoy group rides together, and others to head for home depending on their travel distances. Patrick shares, "Thanks so much for the wonderful motorcycle camp meeting. I was refreshed and renewed this past weekend."

Because of the excitement and positive responses by all who attended, plans are already underway for a motorcycle camp meeting in 2012. Information will be advertised in the GLEANER next spring.

November 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference