Eugene Adventist Korean School at Eugene Korean Church

Every Sunday morning, people gather at the Eugene (Ore.) Korean Church, not for Sunday School but Korean School. This year, 40 students have enrolled in the school with the majority of students not being church members. Currently there are five classes and 12 volunteers including assistant teachers and helpers. In addition, many parents stay during class time to assist teachers or help in the kitchen, where a brunch is prepared.

The Korean-language school was established 10 years ago with a mission to teach the Korean language and cultures to Korean and Korean-American young people in the Eugene and Springfield (Ore.) areas with a Christian manner and materials, so that they learn not only language and culture, but also a genuine value of Christian education.

Activities are planned outside of class to encourage better relationships between students, parents and the church. These include gym nights, spring and fall picnics, outdoor events, a final recital, Christmas and year-end parties. The class runs October–December and January–June, Sundays 9 –11 a.m.

The Korean community members take pride in their background and enjoy teaching the language and culture to their children. Some compare learning another language to obtaining a master's degree. They appreciate the genuine love of Christianity through the service. Several families attend church now because of the service.

November 01, 2011 / Oregon Conference