Summer Fun at Camp Lorraine

Forty-five children just completed seven days of fun-filled activities at Camp Lorraine. This rustic camp is located in southeast Alaska, a 30-minute boat ride from the town of Wrangell, Alaska. Camp Lorraine has been around for a long time, and many residents of Wrangell are now sending their grandchildren there.

Each year the camp is run by a group of dedicated staff sponsored by the Alaska Conference. We interviewed a few of the returning campers and asked them to tell us what is so great about Camp Lorraine. Here are some of their replies:

Samantha: You get to meet other kids and make new friends, and I enjoyed the spiritual meetings and crafts.

Kindsey: It is lots of fun. We had an awesome hike on Sabbath. I was able to take two classes. One was called "Hands in Motion" and the other was "Christian Drama." It was great because there was no technology and it was a great Christian experience.

Cory: I loved the beach combing. Making new friends was great and so was the food.

Courtney: Going to this camp is the highlight of my summer. This year was my ninth year to attend. I have attended longer than the existing A-frame cabins have been on the property. I always receive from the staff such an inspiration. I am planning in two years to become part of the camp staff. Camp is awesome.

There you have it, right from some of those who can tell the real story. Attending a Seventh-day Adventist summer camp is something that all children should be able to experience at least once in their lifetime. Maybe next year, you could help sponsor a child so they too can say, "Summer camp is so awesome!"

October 01, 2011 / Alaska Conference

Howard and Charleen Williams, Petersburg and Wrangell district pastoral couple