October 01, 2011

Report Misses a Few Facts

[In the Ad Hoc Mission Advisory Group report contained in the September GLEANER] I noted that the summary of the "Evaluating the Structure and Organization" section changed format and left out the recommendations. A summary of the recommendations in this area were to: 1) Explore ways by which the administrative structures within the North Pacific Union might be reduced in order to decrease the amount of funds needed to maintain the current arrangement of conferences; 2) Look for ways that conferences can share service with each other; and 3) Consider hiring a consulting firm to evaluate the structure of church organization for redundancies.

In the full report there is even a more detailed breakdown of recommendations. Multiple concepts were discussed including the restructuring of conferences within our Union or alternate structures other than a Union. The committee's lack of specific recommendation on major structural change should not be construed as an endorsement of the current structure nor was there agreement on the committee that changes should not be made. The committee's lack of recommendations recognized that the ramifications should such changes be deemed necessary needed a much more in-depth study for which we did not have the time.

Jim Berglund, Caldwell, Idaho (and committee member)

August Archival Photo

The little girl in the lower right is me. My father, Harold W. Jewkes, is holding my sister, Marilyn. My mother, Glenna Haynes Jewkes, is standing next to my sister. My dad was the MV/education superintendent for the Idaho Conference. My guess is that the picture was probably taken in the fall of 1944 or early in 1945 on the steps of the Gem State Academy administration building.

Elaine Jewkes McGee, Spokane, Washington