KJV Celebrates 400 Years Seminars and Events Planned at WWU

It is the 400th anniversary of the King James Version translation of the Bible. Walla Walla University's history department, the English department, the School of Theology and the University Church are partnering to put together a celebration weekend Oct. 21–22 for all who are interested in learning more about the historical, literary and theological significance of the KJV.

Why is this important?

"First, in the English-speaking world, this translation has introduced the story of Jesus for many generations of seekers," explains Alex Bryan, University Church senior pastor. "Second, financial investment in biblical scholarship was and continues to be an incredible prompt for the church. This anniversary should remind us to continue to invest in new biblical translation, fresh commentary and popular access of written revelation."

Terrie Aamodt, WWU history and English professor, agrees. "Publication of the KJV in 1611 was a landmark event in the religious history of English-speaking people," she says. "It is also a notable moment in the development of the English language. The scholars who prepared the KJV — all 47 of them — reflected the most refined features of Renaissance English, and its cadences have shaped both English and American literature and political discourse ever since."

For more information on seminars at WWU celebrating this important anniversary, watch wallawalla.edu and WWU's Facebook page for updates.

October 01, 2011 / Walla Walla University

Becky St. Clair, WWU GLEANER correspondent